Reference plugins

The reference plugins are provided by the Maliit project in the plugins repository.

Maliit Keyboard

More information

Nemo Keyboard

More information

3rd party Plugins

These plugins are not distributed with the Maliit releases, but they can be used with Maliit.

Ubuntu Keyboard

See project page (Launchpad)

Sailfish Virtual Keyboard

Sailfish OS

LuneOS Keyboard

See LuneOS Keyboard GitHub page

Outdated plugins

This plugins might not be from much direct use anymore. But they might help to create features for current plugins.

Meego Keyboard

The keyboard used in the Nokia N9 and Nokia 950. It requires libmeegotouch. It can be extended to support new languages through input method engines and layout files.

More information

Cute Input Method

Chinese keyboard

See project on Github

Maliit Plugin JP

Japanese keyboard

See project on code google