Nemo Keyboard

Old information from Needs to be updated.

This plugin is provided by the Maliit project in the maliit-plugins repository. It is a pure QML implementation, demonstrating Maliit’s QML API.

This keyboard is used by the Nemo project. It can run on the Nokia N9 and Nokia N950 (with Mer and Nemo installed).



This is the current status of the Maliit Keyboard and the Nemo Keyboard, compared to the MeeGo Keyboard. See the Roadmap for plans to improve the Maliit Keyboard.

Item Maliit Keyboard MeeGo Keyboard Nemo Keyboard
Theming Flexible theming via INI files (key-value pairs) and graphical assets Flexible theming via CSS and SVG Can change assets, QML easy to change.
Rotation Yes Yes Yes
Performance Very good Very good Decent (expected to improve vastly once ported to Qt 5 + QML2)
Implementation C++, XML C++, XML QML, Javascript
Haptics No Tactile and auditory (requires extra backend plugin1) No
Word correction/prediction WIP, merge request available. Free engines are available and have been successfully tested (presage, hunspell). No plugin infrastructure for word engines. Both (requires extra backend plugin) No
Language support Reuses language layouts of Meego Keyboard Majority of western languages. Arabic, Hebrew and Thai. Chinese Pinyin, Zhuyin and Canjie (requires extra backend plugins1). Layouts extensible through XML. En, Ru
Accented characters input Yes. Using extended key popup, or compose keys Yes. Using extended key popup, or compose keys No
Symbol input Dedicated layout (via a 123/ABC/etc mode-switch button). No temporary symbol view yet. Dedicated layout (via a 123/ABC/etc mode-switch button) and temporary symbol view (press and slide to extra symbol) Dedicated layout (via 123/ABC/etc mode-switch button).
Content type context sensitivity2 None Number, Phone Number, Email, URL layouts None
Application-controlled attribute extensions2 No Toolbar, Action Key Overrides Action Key Overrides
Multitouch No Yes. Used to enhance the typing speed and for entering uppercase letters. No
Hardware keyboard integration None On-screen symbol view None
Additional dependencies Planned: presage (optional), hunspell (optional) libmeegotouch (required), meegotouch-inputmethodengines (required), meegotouch-inputmethodreactionmaps (optional) QtQuick
  1. No open source plugins available.  2

  2. Depends on Maliit’s toolkit support.  2