Old page from maliit.org Needs to be updated.

For integrators and developers

  • Input Methods can be implemented as plugins
  • A number of input method plugins are available
  • Error correction/prediction engines can be implemented as plugins
  • Framework is licensed LGPL
  • MeeGo Keyboard has theming abilities via CSS file
  • MeeGo Keyboard has customizable layout files
  • MeeGo Keyboard has full hardware keyboard integration. The Maliit Keyboard supports the Nokia N950’s hardware keyboard (but only cycle keys and long press). TODO: Clarify Maliit Keyboard hardware support.
  • MeeGo Feedback framework has swappable backends (for haptics, etc.)
  • Support for additional toolkits can be implemented by using the DBus connection for the Input Context

##For end users Following are the high level end-user features supported by Maliit:

  • Multitouch virtual keyboard (MeeGo Keyboard)
  • Landscape and portrait QWERTY with dedicated symbol views (MeeGo Keyboard, Maliit Keyboard)
  • Support for multiple languages and scripts (e.g. latin, cyrillic, arabic, chinese) (MeeGo Keyboard)
    • See current layouts at MeeGo gitorious
  • Number/phone number layouts for entering numbers/phone numbers (MeeGo Keyboard)
  • Context sensitive and dynamic action key (MeeGo Keyboard, Maliit Keyboard)
    • e.g. replacing enter icon with search icon and highlighting the key in search fields - and respective search key inactive when search field empty
  • Context sensitive layouts (MeeGo Keyboard)
    • e.g. replacing ‘,’ key with ‘@’ in e-mail address fields
  • Simple interactions (as defined in MeeGo Basics) (MeeGo Keyboard, Maliit Keyboard)
    • Swipe sideways to easily switch between different active keyboard layouts and other input methods
    • Swipe down to close virtual keyboard or alternatively tap outside the active input area to close keyboard
  • Low-latency haptics typing feedback (with feedback framework backend); sound,tactile (MeeGo Keyboard)

Virtual keyboard interaction: opening and closing the keyboard

  • Cut/Copy/Paste for text input (libmeegotouch, Qt Components)
    • Separate text editor widget for text input fields
  • Error correction / word prediction for virtual keyboard (with error correction / prediction engine) (MeeGo Keyboard)
    • Separate widget for correction/prediction candidates (MeeGo Keyboard)
  • Hardware keyboard (MeeGo Keyboard)
    • Long pressing of keys either to autorepeat (e.g. arrow keys, backspace) or to input secondary characters (e.g. numbers, symbols)
    • Possibility to extend hardware keys with virtual keys (e.g. for additional symbols)

Text input with hardware keyboard

  • Toolbar for application-specific input content (MeeGo Keyboard)
    • For placing buttons, labels etc.
    • Toolbar located on top of virtual keyboard, with hardware keyboard in the bottom of the screen

Placing application specific actions in the input toolbar, when application UI is not visible or "Enter" action is not adequate

  • External input methods
    • e.g. Bluetooth keyboards