Standalone Mode and updated Wayland support

There is a new standalone mode added to Maliit, which allows to just include the server into the plugin. Instead of having to run maliit-server and loading a keyboard implementation as a plugin one can just create a standalone executable (in addition). That is already done for the new Maliit Keyboard 2 where a maliit-keyboard executable is created which can just be run with the Maliit DBus or the the Wayland input method protocol.

Maliit Keyboard 2

We forked the abandoned ubuntu-keyboard (which was originally based on maliit-plugins), removed the Ubuntu dependencies and pushed it into a new maliit-keyboard repository.

Maliit 0.99.1 Release

A new Maliit release was overdue. With this release a lot of smaller changes happened and a lot of bugs got fixed.